Friday, February 1, 2013

Recent Clash on the Fringes of the Eye of Terror

I thought I'd post some pics of the game I played last night with a buddy over his place. He is an amazing converter, and the pics shows some of his works, both finished and in progress.

I deployed an army of Imperial Fists with allied Grey Knights. The IF used some of their cousins' tanks (Black Templars), as theirs are not ready yet.

My buddy deployed a army of Chaos Space Marines.










The mission was Purge The Alien, which means we had to score kill points to win. I began playing, but our accuracy was so off that the first kill on the game only occured on game turn 3 (!).

The game was pretty even up to turn 4. Both sides were scoring a couple points, but nothing major. The enemy warlord attacked my GK terminators, which disembarked after their Raider got immobilized. The termies managed to kill the Chaos Champion by means of activating their force weapons, but only after that tainted fellow unleashed havoc on my lines, killing 5 out of 7 GK.

His 2 Helldrakes where chewing my marines up with their templates, and my only flyer - the Stormraven - was having a hard time dealing with 3 enemy flying units - 2 Helldrakes and a Deamon Prince.

It was on game turn 5 that chances turned in my favor. I scored a handful of kills and secured the victory as the variable game lenght roll finished the game right there.

Fun game on a very beautiful table with lots of painted minis and terrain.

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