Monday, April 22, 2013

Imperial Clash on Armageddon

I took some pics of an Apocalypse sized 40k game I played with a friend a couple weeks ago and totally forgot to post them until now. So here they go.

I played Black Templars and my friend fielded his Steel Legion Imperial Guard, which led us to assume this was probably some sort of misunderstanding between Imperial forces fighting on Armageddon during the Ork invasion.





Each side fielded 3.000 points, enough for him to put a Baneblade in play, as I was curious to see how that beast would perform. Suffice to say, I quickly came to regret asking him to bring that thing to our game...





It was too hard for my marines to hold their lines against the overwhelming Guard Firepower, and in the end the victory was theirs. Now I`m tempted to get a baneblade and field some allied IG`s myself...

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