Sunday, September 15, 2013

Warpath 2.0 BatRep - Part 1

Last saturday we had a game of Warpath on our gaming club. I controlled a force of Corporation marines and Enforcers and my buddy, Adriano, fielded the Orx.

It was his first game of Warpath, and since he hasn't got any Mantic Orx yet, he used his Orks from 40k instead (and even some Skaven we had lying around).

I chosed to play a  custom Scenario, since such games are always so much fun. The Scenario was the following:

An arid planet on the outskirts of Co-Prosperity Sphere - Aridanna III - is being prepared for colonizing. One of the Members of the Council of Seven is currently on visit to that orb to assess the estate of the instalations being deployed there. A detachment of Marines and Enforcers, lead by an Enforcer Captain, is in charge of his security.

The news about such illustrious visit reaches a clan of Marauders on a nearby system, and they decide to plan a hit and run attack against that planet with the objective of kidnapping the Councillor. How much wouldn't Corporation Cetral be willing to pay to rescue one of the Seven, after all?

The table set up

The Scenario Rules:

- Deployment is along the short table edges.

- The Corporation forces deploy on the side where the Military Compound is. The Councillor remains inside the building, protected by a unit of Enforcers. The Orx deploy on the opposite side of the table.

- The Concillor is a Hero with the following stat line:
Speed 5
To-hit 5+
Attacks 1
Defence 3+
Nerve 8/10
Tough 2

- The Councillor may be captured if the unit he is in is destroyed and an enemy model gets to at least 2" from him. From this point on, the Concillor is controlled by the Orx (he moves as the Orx's player determines, but cannot make attacks).

- If the unit the Councillor is in is shot at, any spare wounds after his unit is destroyed are allocated on him. In melee, spare wounds are only allocatted on him if the opposite player so wishes.

- The only way to invade the compound is through the doors (2, on at the front and the other at one side) or the top hatch. Each is treated as a Defence 9+ structure. Any hit that reaches that defence stat destroys that access and allows free passage there from then on.

- The Corporation Forces, which begin the game already in control of the Concillor, deploy 2000 points. The Orx deploy 2200, instead, so to compensate for this tactical disadvantage.

- Whoever controls the Concillor by the end of the game is the winner. The end of the game represents the arrival of Corporation reinforcements in orbit, thus forcing the Orx to retreat immediatelly.

A Corporation industrial facility


The military compound.


The inside of the compound. I used multiple kits from Antenociti's Workshop Scenery line to decorate it, as well as a handfull of 40k bits.





The forces deployed.

The Corporation forces: 2 Marines Sections, 1 APC-13 Warrior, 1 SPA-7 Pounder, 2 FLT-8 Firestorms, 2 MBT-01 Pulverizers, 1 Enforcer Supression Team, 1 Enforcer Strike Section and an Enforcer Captain.


The Enforcers Strike Section. The Concillor's personal guard.

The Concillor, confident that his personnel will succeed at repelling the Marauders through superior fire power and strategics.

The hordes of Orx ready to advance!

Keep an eye for part 2 of this Batrap later this week!

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  1. Gorgeous terrain, great scenario and a good batrep. Will be following this blog in earnest :)

  2. Looks a great game. I look forward to reading the Batrep.

  3. Great looking setup, , with the scene well set in words and terrain!