Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Revising Pax Stellarum

Lately, I've been working on some changes I'd like to implement on my spaceship combat system, Pax Stellarum.

Mostly minor changes, that aim at making the game play faster and smoother. Last saturday we played a game and I had the chance to playtest my ideas, and they seem to work pretty nicely, I think.

We played a 1460 point game, and used the Aquarian and Carnivoran fleets, from Monday Knights Productions. Here you guys can see some pics of the game, that ended with a Carnivoran victory by a tigh margin.

The bulk of the changes I'm implementing on the game involve the following:

- Streamlining fighter rules, so their phases play faster
- Speeding up dice rolling resolution on firing weapons
- Partially rewriting ramming rules
- Adding a Technology (TEK) chart, that limits what ships can have, according to the race's level of development
- Rearranging the sequence of items on the Critical Damage table
- Adding a couple new Special Systems & Abilities
- Cutting down costs by half for all items on the design tool. This way, a 1500-point game will have sufficient ships to play in the same amount of time of popular games like 40k. It helps give players a sense of the amount of time they need to play any specific number of points.

This is all work-in-progress, and I expect to have all this figured out by next week or so.

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  1. Keep us informed when the updated rules can be downloaded.

  2. Are the files in your Google.docs folder the new revised rules or the old ones?

    1. Those are work-in-progress. I'm uploading updated versions as I go, but the definite revised version is yet to be.

      Lately, I've been having the oportunity to play several games of Pax with my friends, and this is allowing me to revise a lot of stuff, and also hear feedback from them, so several improvements are on the way.

  3. I've checked your Google Docs folder frequently, but no revised rules yet - just a construction guide, spreadsheet, and tokens. Can you make the previous version available if you're still at work revising? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    1. Sean, the updated rules are almost ready for release. This will probably be the end of this week, so stay tuned. I know I've been delaying it for long, but only because I kept revisiting each topic to see what could be further improved.