Monday, January 12, 2015

Black Powder Batrep - 770 points - Part 1

Last saturday we had another game of Black Powder in our club. It was me commanding the French and a friend, Rodrigo, leading the british and its allies, mainly iberian.

On the pic below, we can see the forces deployed, with the french to the right.


The Scenario:

The place is somewhere in the spanish countryside. The French forces were larger, but this was conterbalanced by each unit in it beggining the game with one point of damage (one less Stamina). 

The idea is that the french were caught by surprise while on a long march, soldiers were rather spent, supplies were scarce, thanks to the constant raids on the french communication lines by the spanish guerilla, and therefore they were far from ideal fighting conditions. But they're being led by Napoleon himself, and the Old Guard is there, too, so the british are not going to have blast today, for sure. 


French First Brigade (left flank):
- 1 Regiment of French Line Infantry
- 1 Regiment of Italian Line Infantry
- 1 Regiment of French Light Infantry
- 1 Battery of French Horse Artillery
- 1 Regiment of French Carabiniers à Cheval


French Second Brigade (Centre):
- 2 Regiments of French Line Infantry
- 1 Regiment of French Imperial Old Guard
- 1 Regiment of Bavarian Chevaux Legère

These were commanded by a French Marshall, overlooked by the Emperor himself.


French Third Brigade (Right Flank)  *sorry for the blurry picture!*
- 2 Regiments of French Light Infantry
- 1 Regiment of Swiss Line Infantry
- 1 Battery of French Foot Artillery
- 1 Regiment of French Mounted Dragoons


The British Deployment:



British First Brigade (Left Flank): The Iberian Brigade
- 2 Regiments of Portuguese Line Infantry
- 1 Regiment of Spanish Line Infantry
- 2 Battalions of Portuguese Caçadores

Most units in this brigade were a "gift" from a portuguese noble, who arregimented them and offered them to Wellington with a "request" that it be led by his nephew, a young lad of much embroidered cuffs and hat, but no military experience whatsoever. This was represented by him having Command 6, which is rather mediochre in Black Powder.

The Duke was never in a position to refuse any man-at-arms, and was sensible enough to understand the diplomatical  requirements of his job. He boosted the brigade with a spanish regiment of line, and hoped for the best. But unwilling to let the fate of that flank entirely on the hands of an unpromissing commander, he would spend most of the battle directly involved in the affairs on that side of the battlefield.


The British Second Brigade (Centre):
- 2 Regiments of British Line Infantry
- 2 Batallions of British Rifles
- 1 Battery of British Foot Artillery
- 1 Regiment of British Heavy Dragoons


The British Third Brigade (Right Flank):
- 1 Regiment of Brunswick Line Infantry
- 1 Regiment of British Light Infantry
- 1 Battery of British Horse Artillery
- 1 Regiment of British Scot Greys


The battle is about to begin:


The emperor overlooks the british centre at the distance.

To be continued...

*End of Transmission*


  1. Good introduction; it will be interesting to see how our young nobleman of the embroidered cuffs fares. I'm trying to figure out where you have your table set up?

    I especially like your last picture. Unlike your usually superb photos, the others seem a bit on the blurry side; not really sure why! I look forward to seeing the action unfold!

    1. Peter, the table was set up in our club, as always.

      Indeed, the pics are not very clear, and one of them is awefully blurry, unfortunatelly. I should have remembered to take more close ups, those are always dramatic and immersive in a battle, but in the second part of this batrep there are a couple more of them, and in future games, I'll make sure I take many more of them!

  2. Inspiring stuff! I look forward to seeing the battle, the set up looks great!
    Mike B