Thursday, December 31, 2015

Austrian Uhlans

On this last post of 2015, I present you my austrian uhlans, the fourth unit of cavalry for my Habsburg army.

I don't think I have ever applied myself that much on painting a napoleonic unit before, these guys have loads of detail, many different colors, requiring different washes and what else, so it was a lot of work, really. I believe it paid off, though, as they came out beautiful, probably my best paint job in 1/72 scale so far.

These guys are from the Zvezda Lifeguard Polish Uhlans kit, and those are awesome sculpts, full of character, as usual for Zvezda's top quality standards. The yellow in the upper half of their czapskas identify them as being the 1st regiment of Uhlans, which I think have the most striking visual.













Now the year is finished, I take a look back to get a sense of what I've done in terms of painting over these last 12 months, and I realise it has been tremendously fruitful. Here are the numbers:

- Napoleonic Austrian army: about 540 models
- Imperial Roman army: about 450 models
- Reinforcements to the Napoleonic French army: about 100 models
- Reinforcements to the Napoleonic British army: about 100 models
- 28mm scifi of various brands (Mantic, Warlord, Puppetswar, Antenocitis, etc.): about 100 models, including vehicles
- Romulan, Cardassian, Klingon and Ferengui armadas for Pax Stellarum: about 120 models

Thus, in total, I painted over 1400 models this year (!), 1200 of them being 1/72 historicals. Even I find it hard to believe these numbers, and yet, the models are there on my shelves, standing an embarassing proof that I have indeed done this much!

In my defense, it didn't feel that much while I was doing it... (did I really churned out an average of 3,8 models a day, painting only over a couple hours every evening?? Is that even possible??).

I'll try to slow down a bit next year, for the sake of my sanity, but with all the projects I have in mind, I wont risk making it a new year's resolution...


  1. Que trabalho maravilhoso e pormenorizado! Só soube que são figuras 1/72... quando li no seu texto! Parecem de 28mm. Votos de um Feliz 2016, e mantenha seu saudável e impressionante ritmo!

  2. You're right these are really stunning! Well done.

  3. And an impressive amount of models too! It's amazing what a couple of hours each evening achieves.

  4. Stunning results on the uhlans and a very productive 2015 for you!
    Well done on both!

  5. An outstanding job on a most colorful outfit. The production for the year is mindblowing - I was very happy with my numbers for the year, and you've done more than twice as much (and at top quality). Bravo!

  6. These Uhlans are top notch! The colours are really vibrant!