Monday, June 6, 2016

Black Powder game of the month

A couple weeks ago I got to play another game of Black Powder, with a new member of our club. He is fond of the red coats, so I got to play with my natural choice, the french.

Here is the french deployment at the bottom of the table, facing the british lines accross the field:


A french general oversees the enemy over the far side of the field.

The french quickly advance accross open ground, bold and brave toward the british lines. The royal artillery was poorly organized, and couldn't do much to hold the advance of the french columns. The difficulties in command would prove a consistent issue for the english throughtout the game.


The french columns march confidently toward the enemy's line of muskets, which obediently hold fire until the last moment.

The british army has got a considerable allied force. The spanish and brunswickers deploy in front of the advancing french columns, supported by british rifles, while the portuguese wheel at the enemy's right flank, following the lead of a regiment of british line infantry.


The far right brigade of the french army also advances swiftly against the british left flank, supported by artillery fire.


At the far right of the british deployment, their cavalry engage in the most ferocious combat with their french counterparts.


The french columns keep advancing at the centre of the field, despite the brutal allied musketry fire, and the Old Guard soon put the brunswickers to flight.


The french seem to be quickly getting the upper hand on the middle ground, but a british brigade composed of light infantry and portuguese line counterattack, charging the right flank of the enemy formations and putting the columns in disorder.


The cavalry struggle remains unsettled, while part of the french forces push through the british deployment, endangering their entire position. Meanwhile, the advance of the other centre brigade halts and is put to disorder under the attack from the portuguese brigade.


The french right flank proves more effective, quickly dismantling the british brigade holding that region.


In the centre of the field, the counterattack of the portuguese brigade loses momentum, and the entire british force is repeatedly giving ground to the french, which keep pushing forward, despite having lost a brigade, already.



The Old Guard, the sole remaining regiment on its brigade, wheels past the british line and strike at their rear, disrupting the Morale of the enemy army, and causing it to finally break.



Final score: 1 brigade of 4 lost by the french. 2 brigades of 4 lost by the british. With half their brigades lost, the british army is defeated and leaves the field.

 Another great game of Black Powder!


  1. Brilliant report and great looking figures.

  2. Hey I am ordering my first set of miniatures ever. I have no experience with glue or paint, any tips?

    1. Hi, you should check some videos on youtube with basic techniques on painting miniatures. There is a lot of great material there.

      In short, you should wash any models that are not plastic (metal and resin) with warm water + dish soap, to remove molding substances, then prime it with a proper priming spray, and next go about the actual painting process, which involves several techniques, such as basecoating, drybrushing, highlighting, etc.

      It's highly adictive, I guarantee you're embarking in the hobby for life!

  3. I am ordering from Victrix and I got 56 Austrian Grenadiers and 60 Old Guard

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  4. Wonderfull report and pictures Mat! Like it! But what I like the most are those painted figures on the table! They look excellent!


  5. Very nice report and great looking figures!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys!

  7. Great looking troops and table! Add a fun time with fellow gamers, an that's what all the prep work is about. Bravo!