Monday, March 20, 2017

Federation Fleet

I've finally finished my Federation fleet. A project I've been working on for quite some time now. This is the last fleet I needed to complete my project of the Dominion War, and now I have fleets for all powers involved in the conflict.


The ships in this collection come from a couple sources. The defiant-class ships are Studio Bergstrom's, the first models I purchased for this fleet. The Galaxy-class, Akira-Class and Excelsior Class are Attack Wing's, while the Sovereign Class is actually a key ring accessory, a gift from a friend that happened to match the scale of the rest of the fleet perfectly!

Speaking of scale, this is the reason this fleet took so long to complete. My entire collection of star trek ships are in scale to each other. Exact scale in most cases, close enough in others. When it comes to the Federation, I had to wait for Wizkids to release some classes of ships that were in scale with the fleets I already had (something around 1/9000), particularly the Galaxy-class, which I definitely wanted in the fleet.

They had already released a Galaxy, the Enterprise itself, in the Starter Set, but I needed at least 3 or 4, and wasn't going to purchase that many starter sets, when the only thing I needed on each was a single ship. So I had to wait for Wizkids to make the Galaxy available by itself, and it happened recently, in the form of the USS Venture. Together with the Akiras and the Excelsiors, I then had enough variation of classes to come up with a proper fleet. (their Nebula-class is also in scale, but I figured 4-5 classes of ships was enough, without being too much).

Once I had all models I wanted to build the fleet, I gave them a paint job to make them look uniform enough, a proper fleet (even though in-universe, different classes of Federation ships have all kinds of shades of grey).




The Peregrin-class attack ships above are an example of close-enough scale. They should actually be considerably smaller than the Defiants next to them, but there are no such models available for these ships that I'm aware of, so these will have to do. They're sufficiently small to represent the fact that they are tiny attack ships, so that's good enough, I suppose.






  1. Hey, love the fleet! Thought id help out with your missing peregrin fighters. These should match up better than the larger attack wing versions. Problem is, smaller you go less detail. I have 12 squadrons not painted of them...

    Cheap. I bought mine in acrylics, makes the material smoother. Cheers!

  2. Those look fantastic. You did a great job on all those little highlights, and the blue nacelle light is very nice.