Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Wraith Fleet

Another finished fleet: The Wraith!

These models are from Armory Hobbies, a canadian company that sells many Stargate designs, as well as BSG, too.

In case someone is interested, here is the paint scheme I chosed for them:

- Light Blue Primer
- Citadel Asurman Blue Wash
- Highlight with Vallejo Model Color Blue Violet
- Highlight with a mix of Revell Enamel light blue 50, Vallejo Blue Violet and Vallejo White, on a 3/1/1 ratio
- Another wash with Citadel Asurman Blue
- Engines on Vallejo Model Color Magenta Fluo

That's it for today, folks. The Aquarian fleet should be out of docks soon, too!

*End of Transmission*


  1. Just the right sort of creepy look to them.

    (Quite a change in the profile pic, too, Matheus!)

  2. Awesome work, where do you get the molds for the ships?

    1. They are produced by a canadian company called Armoury Hobbies (see the link on the upper right side of this blog).