Monday, June 25, 2012

Dust Warfare, Part 2: The Walkers

On this second installment of my newly acquired army show off, we feature the Axis walkers. I placed a trooper besides every vehicle to give you guys a sense of scale.


The Heinrich is one of the 2 weapon options for the Light Walker. The other one is the Hermann.


The Heinrich is the anti-personel version, capable of firing massive rounds against enemy troops. The Hermann, on the other side, if armed to blow tanks with its powerful "Laserkanone".


The medium walkers has got 3 weapon options. The Ludwig above, the Lothar and the Luther.

Check how beautifully detailed this model is.


Lothar standing beside a Space marine Dreadnought



Finnaly, the heavy walker. A true beast as you can see. The version above is very powerful against tanks and   troops.

Another comparison shot: Konig and a Space Marine Land Raider


This second version is less powerful against tanks and troops (although still deadly) but should be able to blow aircrafts up in a million pieces with ease.

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll get some time soon to clean those models off any mold lines and start doing some painting!

*End of Transmission*

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