Friday, January 6, 2017

Austrian Chevauleger

Since I hadn't painted a single unit for my austrian army during the entire year, it seemed only proper that I'd give them some love in the form of reinforcements as my last project of 2016.

This is a unit of Chevauleger, from Hat Industries, and is the first light cavalry for my Austrian army. I plan on doing some hussars in the future, to further expand the light horse branch of their cavalry.





Simultaneously, I painted a few extra horses of bavarian chevauleger, to convert their unit from standard to large sized, and did the same with my Austrian Dragoons, which is the same kit as the austrian chevauleger, since their uniform was basically identical.





Now it's time to start working on russians, my 4th main army of Napoleonics, a project that is going to occupy a considerable part of my hobby time during 2017, but I'll also be producing a few reinforcements for my current armies (French, British and Austrians), as well as working on my sci-fi collections (space ships and Beyond the Gates of Antares, mainly).


  1. They're gorgeous, Mateus! You're doing great things with those HaT figures. I've painted some of those myself, but mine never ended up looking so good.

  2. These are really outstanding, Mateus!

  3. I'm a bit late, but these men on horses gave good inspiration for my own in 18mm (AB). Knowing the lack of detail on the HaT plastics, you have done a magnificent job with these figs, well done.

  4. I'm set to pain some Chevauleger myself and found your pics while looking for inspiration. Indeed, yours are very nicely painted and you've done an outstanding job of removing the mould lines. Your basing is exquisite too and shames me in to making mine better. One figure in my set seemed to be only equipped with a cane - is that correct or did he not get completely formed?