Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fort Courage - Ravenstar Studios

I recently received a long awaited kit to add to my collection of space stations, the Ravenstar Studios Fort Courage.

I had been wanting to puchase this model for quite some time, and took advantage of a irresistable sale at Ravenstar store to finally go for it.

Turns out the model got missing in mail (!), but Chris was kind enough to send a replacement, and, as usual, also added a few freebies. Top costumer support!


The model is huge, and I wanted to give it a feel of an ancient space station, with some signs of wear and age (however nonsensical it might be to think of something "ageing" in vacuum..), so I used quite a few layers of drybrush and some controlled wash.



Here's a pic of the underside, also beautifully detailed:


Some comparison pics, alongside a GZG battleship, and a Ravenstar Mauridian ship:


I plan on using it on my games of Pax Stellarum, but it's also suitable for Battlefleet Gothic - the overwhelmingly intricate detail on the station makes it a good fit to the visual of the 40k universe:


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