Monday, May 29, 2017

Russian log houses for Black Powder

I just finished these buildings for Black Powder. 1/72 scale log houses, from Pegasus Hobbies, ideal for my russian tables.

The large building in the centre is resin, and comes pre-painted. All others are plastic, and come unassembled and unpainted. I think I managed to get them all to look consistent with the prepainted one.





The only touch-up I did on the resing building was giving it yellow windows, instead of the stock blue. This way, it looks much more credible that there is light inside.


And here are some 1/72 french soldiers for scale:



  1. Nice. I´ve got two of them, the two front left and front right (mine aren´t as well painted as yours) and I wasn´t too convinced to get the rest but seeing them painted up I´ll have to get them ...and have got a consistant look

  2. Very nice; my Russian buildings are from Hovels. I gave some of mine a bit of dull colored paint on the door and/or window frames (dull grey-blue, brownish dark red, green, or yellowish brown, off white), more dry brushed than solid, to suggest peeling or poor quality paint/stAINain.

  3. Excellent work on them but you still need this one.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Greg, I have an yet out on that one as well. Should be adding it to my collection soon.