Saturday, July 9, 2011

Asteroid Field - Cheap and Easy

      As I wait for my Space game mat from Corsec Engineering to arrive (, I decided to create an asteroid field to enhance my future game board.
      Jonathan Bowen, from Corsec, advised me on the lava rocks for that matter, so I went out and got a bunch of them, for about R$5,00 (U$3.00).
      Since it's such a hard rock, I couldn't get to drill a hole on them, so I decided on using a wash to work as a mount where to attach the peg.
      The washes I found were a bit too large for the pegs I have, so I filled them with green stuff, after using super glue to fix the wash on the rock. 

      The flight stands I'm using for those asteroids are regular 1" hex stand. I removed their upper bits, to prevent them from breaking (those little parts are disasters waiting to happen, anyway). 

        The diameter of the peg after the narrower edge had been removed is exactly 3mm. After leaving the lava rocks aside for a couple hours so that the green stuff could harden out, I simply drilled out the green stuff with a 3mm drill bit.

    Now, the flight peg fits perfectly on the wash.The little amount of green stuff left helps gripping the flight peg.

       And there goes the Asteroid Field, ready for game deployment!

         For basing my Micro Machines, I also use those common 1" hex stands with cut out peaks. I enlarge the  miniatures mount hole with a 3mm drill bit, so to create enough room for the peg.

        And there it is. Cheap and simple!

        In both cases, the flight stands haven't been glued to the models/rocks, so they can be removed for easy storage. Still, when mounted on the flight pegs, the models/rocks are pretty firm, due to the nice grip provided by the hole being of the exact same diameter as of the peg.

        Hope this helps those out there wanting to create their own home made asteroid fields!

       *End of Transmission*


    1. Funny, the lava rocks I used were so crumbly they almost fell apart when I put holes in them. Here's what mine look like:

    2. Wow! That color you applied on those rocks is cool. I think I may end up painting some of my rocks as well to create different asteroid fields...

    3. i use lava rocks and haven't had much of a problem

    4. Well, my difficulty in drilling those rocks may be due in part to the fact that my 3mm drill was way past it's retirement time. Anyway, issue addressed now, he he.