Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Battlefleet Gothic - Review

    Aside from being finishing my Cardassian and Federation Fleets, I'm also working on my newly acquired Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Fleet.
    Battlefleet Gothic is a miniature spaceship game developed by Games Workshop, and takes place at the Warhammer fictional Universe. The 2 main fleets on the game are the Chaos and the Imperial.
   Now, I've shown some pics of my Chaos fleet on the previous post, but the photos didn't do them justice, so here are some more.
The Planet Killer

Chaos hulks

  I specially love those hulks. The've been kitbashed by Lackey Rich, from Battleworks Studios. By the way, Lackey, not Jeff - as I previously mentioned -, painted the chaos fleet pictured on the inaugural post.

   The planet killer was assembled and painted by me. Those of you who know BFG might be wandering: "Wait a second, isn't that Armageddon Gun supposed to be upside down?" Well, yeah...

   The thing is, I just checked some pics of the assembled killer after putting this one together. Only then I noticed my mistake. The reasons why I only looked for pictures of the assembled model AFTER doing the job on mine remain unknown... Even to me.

   When I realized that, I went like: "Oh, man, I've pinned that gun on the main body! Now it's gonna be a nightmare splitting them apart!" But then I went like: "Wait a second, it actually look better this way, with this secondary gun on top of the main weapon, so I guess I leave it be...".

   Anyway, now I'm taking the conventional approach with the imperial models: Checking for some pics DURING the process of putting them together.

 Adeptus Mechanicus Battleship in the Drydock

Apocalypse Class Battleship

Part of the Imperial Fleet currently on the works

   I'm not qualified to make my own review of the game rules, for I just recently came to learn the rules, never had a real game of it. But regarding the models, I can say that they are among my all-times favorites. Their design is utterly genius, simply magnificent.
  I believe what I like the most about them is that anyone can look at them and know they are supposed to be spaceships - this is not always the case with many spaceship miniatures around.
   It's just a pity that GW is not giving the game due attention nowadays. I don't think we are far from the day those models are going to retire from GW's product list altogether... Also, GW's policy of forcing costumers into buying directly from them (paying their horrific prices!) is another setback for those who wish to add these babies to their collections...
   But since I love those ships I couldn't help from buying them. Lots of them. Currently, the imperials are mostly ready to be primed. Those of you who never tried to put one of the behemoths together don't know how exhausting it can be to assemble an entire fleet at once. Each of the bigger vessels take hours of work!
  Add to this the fact that it is now winter here on the south hemisphere, and Curitiba/Brazil is really cold and humid this time of the year, so super glue takes forever to dry out! Man, sometimes it doesn't even seem to be glue at all!
  Anyway, I post some pics of the imperials when they are all done and painted.

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