Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inaugural Post - Some of my miniatures...

 Since I really enjoy reading blogs about miniature starships, I thought I should give a contribution myself. So, as an inaugural post, here are the pics of some fleets of mine.

The Romulan Fleet

The Borg Fleet

The Ferengui Fleet

The Klingon Fleet

The Chaos Fleet

        I wish I could take credit for that painting, but in fact I got almost all ships on this fleet already marvelous painted by Jeff Nall, from Battlework Studios. Only the battleships (most of them) and the Planet Killer were on me.

Chaos Hulks kitbashed by Jeff.

Pride of the Chaos Fleet...

Finnaly, the Galactic Empire Fleet.

    There are lots of more fleet I'd like to show here, but some are still work in progress, so, they'll be showing up on the next months, hopefully.


  1. Very impressive collection of ships! I especially like your Chaos fleet. So what games do you use your fleets with?

  2. Well, truth is I just started collecting miniatures a few months ago, so really didn't choose a ruleset, yet. I've been trying on solo games: Starmada, Full Thrust, Battlefleet Gothic and Firestorm Armada.

    First thing to do is get someone to play against! The folks I could play with are in my hometown, and I'm currently living half the country away, in Curitiba.

    There is a good wargamers' gang around, but I haven't find anyone who plays starships' games. I've spotted some in Brazil that play Firestorm, but none in Curitiba, so far. Just a shame...

    But since I'm too critical about most rulesets, I'm developing one of my own. (great, having an own made ruleset will definetely increase my chances of finding people to play with...)