Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Narn Fleet

Finished one more fleet this weekend: The Narn!

The Fleet

G'Quan Heavy Cruisers

Another G'Quan in close up

G'Karith Patrol Cruiser and a couple Sho' Kos Police Cutter

Var' Nic Long Range Destroyer

Bin' Tak Dreadnought

T'Lot Assault Cruiser

Engines detail

Engines of the T'Lot Assault Cruiser

The spotted patterns were all hand made, no decals, so I'm pretty satisfied with the result. My next order from AoG will be an Earth Alliance fleet - the last fleet missing in my B5 collection. Upon doing so, I'll also order the Minbari and Narn fighters.

*End of Transmission*


  1. Super fantastic job! I love the Narn paint scheme, but painting it frightens me. I salute your skills, sir! (We're close to finishing Season 3 on DVD.)

    BTW what's been your experience ordering from AoG?

  2. great job on painting the narn fleet. what type of paints did you use?

  3. Very nice! The ships look great. Always loved the style of the Narn ships.

  4. Great looking fleet! I wish I was as prodigious as you when it comes to painting my fleets (or anything really). :)

  5. CPBelt,

    Bruce, from AoG is a fantastic guy! He always gives me huge discounts for large purchases!

    Bluebirds, I'll post the list of paints I used later today.

  6. The paint scheme:

    1. Black matt Spray
    2. Outline of patterns with Revel Enamel clear brown SM 314
    3. Revell Enamel Red SM 331
    4. Highlight with Revel Enamel Red 31
    5. Medium Drybrush on metallic parts with Tamiya Acrilic Gun Metal X-10
    6. Light Drybrush with GW Boltgun metal over Tamiya Gun Metal
    7. Engines Glow with Revell Enamel Green SM 365 and little white spots in the middle

  7. many thanks, i will use your painting guide to paint my narn fleet, when it arrives in two months. next month is the arrival of the rest of my minbari fleet.

  8. A tip for you, Bluebirds:

    When outlining the patterns, make sure you have a picture of an actual narn ship next to you, so you can have a reference to go drawing the patterns more accurately.

    I did it and was really helpful.

  9. Oh, and I forgot to mention the last step of painting: Vallejo Brown Wash all over the models, including the metal parts.

    It will add depth to the red areas and an aged look to the metal areas. Pretty cool.

  10. many thanks, i will follow your sugestions, when i paint my narn fleet.