Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Romulans Vs. The Ferengui

Last saturday I played the second playtesting of my system with an adversary other than myself. It was a small game - only 500 points - as my buddy didn't have much time in hands.

My gaming parter, a fan of the Ferengui, choosed that race for his fleet. I picked the Romulans, one of my favorite Sci-Fi races.

Now, I enjoy playing with lots of D'Deridexes, but on such low-point games its not possible to field many, as each costs about 250 points.

I choosed to have 1 Warbird and spend the rest of my points on small ships, as I was fearing the 6 D'Koras could easily outmaneuver my heavy hitter.

The game didn't work in my favor. The D'Koras concentrated their fire power on my flagship, and my small escorts were too weak to inflict considerable damage on the enemy.

I kept maneuvering badly, and failed to get decent targets on the D'Deridex's powerful prow fire arc.

On the pic above, we see my D'Deridex performing an assault on one of the D'Koras. My troops inflicted severe casualties to enemy crew, and at the end that could barely function. But my Warbird had a breach on its Life Support System, and it wouldn't take long for my whole crew to die, too.

My adversary didn't wait for that and finished my flagship while its Shields were at half strength. After that, my other ships looked like sitting ducks waiting to be blown up too - which didn't take much either.

On the end, it was a victory by annihilation. No single romulan vessel survived the clash. Still, lots of fun for me (and I suppose even more for my gaming buddy...).

The system is working very well, now. All that is left to be further playtested is the fighters and the opitional 3D rules. Hope to address both issues soon.

Pardon me for the lack of posts on the last couple weeks, but my narn fleet needing painting real life stuff has kept me busy.

My recently finished armada is going to be featuring on my next entry! Almost done with my Babylon 5 collection.

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  1. Odd though the Ferengi didn`t just buy the victory (and probably the Romulan vessels and underwear gotten thrown in to boot)

  2. Hey there,
    I'm a German Sci-Fi-Fan and looking to get into starship-wargaming. I really like the Romulan D'Derix an was thinking about collecting a Romulan fleet.
    Which miniatures did you use for the above Game?