Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ori Warships: The beginning of my Stargate Collection

Prior to leaving on a work travel, I managed to prepear one additional post to publish while away, so this blog wouldn't be lacking action for such a long period.

It is about my Ori Warships, which I finished painting.

They are made by Armoury Hobbies, a small gaming company from Canada. I thought of having more of them, but those ships are so powerful it's unlikely I'm going to use the 3 I already own on a single game.

This is the beginning of my Stargate collection. I still need a Wraith fleet, a Goa'uld fleet, an Ancient fleet and a Human fleet.

The Ori ship is my favorite spaceship ever, so I'm thrilled to finally have those on my collection. Looking forward to play with them! They are probably the most powerful vessels in my collection, even more dreadful than Borg Cubes (!)

*End of Transmission*


  1. When you do OSL do you just do a selective drybrush or is it more involved? If so, could you do a little tutorial post when you get back from business?

    Also, nice ships! (as usual :P)

  2. OSL?

    Pardon my ignorance, Samulus. :)

  3. Great models, sold mine off a few months ago as the `spaceship gaming` died down at the club after 7 years running, but I`m a fan of Armoury`s range. Pity though they sometimes seem to swim the models over the ocean in shipping time.

  4. beautiful ships. had never seen these models before- excellent blue glow!

  5. Samulus, it is just simple-good-plain-old drybrush on the hull around the vortex to make it look like it's glowing. ;)

  6. Hello,

    would you be willing to sell some of your Star Gate Ships. I cannot find them anywhere and the company has gone out of business