Sunday, May 27, 2012

Earth Alliance Fleet

Finished another fleet, despite skepticism of some (including myself  :-P). This time, the Earth Alliance fleet, from Babylon 5.

 (I know, lot of fur on my gaming mat. That's what happens when you have 2 dogs at home...)

This pic above shows the EarthForce Explorer with some battle damage. The model had a miscast on this side of the artifical gravity generation wheel, and I prefered to turn it into a fresh battle scar (you can still see some internal decks on fire), as remodeling such an intricate piece of detail would be a nightmare.

Another full fleet pic.

Hearing rumors about the deployment of a brand new fleet by the Earth Alliance, the Minbari hurried to parade their own new battlegroup, some much appreciated reinforcements to help maintain their military superiority on this region of the galaxy.

With these goodies out of my paint desk, it looks a lot less frightening now. I hope to have time to work on my carnivorans while not forsaking the programming of the spreadsheets for Pax Stellarum on the next days.

Expect some Carnivorans showing off here soon!

*End of Transmission*


  1. what type of paints did you use?

  2. I'll never know how you get these done so fast and to such a good standard...

  3. Very nice stuff! White white/light grey drybrush on grey basecoat? I want to paint my own Earth Alliance ships as well but I'm not quite sure what technique to use.

    1. Martin, I posted the scheme I used below as a separate comment, but another way of doing it is with white basecoat, black wash and then highlight.

      The way I did, the fleet looks messier, which I prefer as I like my fleets to look weary. This other technique I mentioned is going to give you this result below, which is also great looking and a lot cleaner:

    2. Ah yes, it was when I found that site that my craving for a Earth Alliance fleet started to get serious! I've more or less stopped using drybrushing as a painting technique so it would be kind of scary to try it again (even though I also quite like the weary effect it gives). I might have to practice it anyway for painting my Dust Warfare walkers. Hmm...

      I like the orange engine glow as well. Will have to try that!

  4. Those are gorgeous miniatures; both the paint job and the sculpts themselves.

  5. Very nice and amazingly swift painting!

  6. Thanks for the compliments, guys!

    The EA was primed black and then drybrushed on Revel Enamel light grey. Next, it was drybrushed on vallejo white, and a highlight of that same color finished the job.

    The minbari was painted on the scheme I already mentioned on their own post.

    As for the my speed-painting, well, it might just have costed me the girlfriend... She complained about the excessive time I spend with toys and put me against the wall. She should know better...