Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pax Stellarum - Scenery ready

My homebrew have rules for a variety of space terrain, such as nebulas and asteriod fields. There are optional rules to have moving terrain, so I came up with some solutions for that.

I cut a few pieces of plasticard on irregular shapes, sprayed them black and then added some colors to make them look like nebulae. Check the result here:

Their underside remains black-sprayed only, so I can use them also to create asteriod fields.

As I already mentioned in a previous post, I base my asteroids by glueing a washer on the bottom of each, and then I narrow the hole a little bit with epoxy so it will have some grasp on the flight stands I use. Those are regular hex stands found in a multitude of stores at very affordable prices.

The D6 next to the arrow token is then used to show speed and direction of movement per Terrain Phase.

Since I was on it, I took some extra time to do some upgrade on my gas planet, as I wasn't much satisfied with it. I'm still not completely pleased with it, but now at least it looks more like a gas world doesn't it?!

Now I have more options to field as area of terrain for my games, and I hope to use them soon with the released Pax Stellarum Beta Version.

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  1. Both the planet and the nebulae came out looking very attractive, Matteus!

  2. Hi, what is the latest update on the Pax Stellarum rules?

  3. Herc Warrior, they are almost done. The design spreadsheet is ready, and I'm creating some ship stats to give players some ready to play designs.

    A month or 2 top, and the game will be out there. Finnally!! ;-)

  4. Ok, thanks for the update.

    Did the site changed ownership?

    The picture in the "about me" section looks like a completely different person than the picture shown in your reply above.

    1. Ha ha. Nope. It's still me. Changed the haircut...

  5. Hi Matgc, found your blog the other day (via starship adversaries site!) Found your site very interesting as i too am working on a sci fi fleet game...but having seen what you are doing i think i might wait to see how your rules turn out! My idea was to have battles using fleets from all sci fi universies...star wars v star trek. Blake 7 V BSG!! so a tall order..at the moment I'm still painting ships working on planets etc, but nearly there. I have found a solution to the The romulan warbird in fleet scale which you might like to know about....working on those at the moment.
    http://sisolders.wordpress.com/ Email slotkarman@aol.com
    many thanks Si