Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not Only Spaceships

Well, its been a while since I last posted anything not related to spaceship gaming, so let me show you guys my first painted Khador units, from Warmachine:

These are from the 2-player battlebox, which also comes with a Menoth Battlegroup. Those are still waiting for their specific paints to arrive, though.

 I fully magnetized the 'jacks, and now I can exchange their arms if I will, or remove them to represent crippled systems, and even remove the upper body, leaving only the legs on the table to represent a wreck, as I don't have these markers yet.

Magnetizing also allows me to give them cinematic poses, such as those below.

I'm also painting 2 space marines tactical squads and a drop pod for my Black Templars army (40K). Other than that, I beginning a third Warmachine army: Cygnar. But all this on the meantime of working on Pax Stellarum.

I'm a begginer when it comes to painting 28mm, alright, but I'm still proud of what I acomplished with my first Khadorans. Painting flesh and making realistic bases are something I'm still learning, though. 

As for the last, I have an excuse. The best material is not sold here, so I purchased from abroad and it still haven't arrived. As for flesh, well... Its just too much work applying an undercoat, then successive layers of wash, then highlight, on something so small as the face of a guy 28mm tall (!).

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  1. These are lookin' good. If you were prepared to put the time in some layering on the warjacks with thinned brighter reds would get the armour panles to pop beautifully. It all comes down to how much time you have really!