Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warmachine build up

Lately, I've been working on my Warmachine armies. I already have a good number of Khadorans and Cygnarans.

I've done some converting on a couple of the Khador models I like the most. One of them is Karchev, the Terrible!

He's standing over the upper torso of a (obviously) dead cygnaran stormblade. I'll paint the soldier's waist all red, like blood, and also do some red on Karchev's axe, so to make it clear that he cut the enemy soldier in half with his huge weapon.

All heavy jacks from Khador were magnetized, allowing them to be placed on a variety of poses. I do the same with the larger jacks from Cygnar and Menoth, but the task is harder with them, as even their heavy jacks have somewhat skinny arms, and there is not much room for drilling and fitting big enough magnets to actually hold things together.

My devastator is one of the magnetized jacks that work really well:

 Closed arms (huge armor value!)

Attack mode (not such huge armor value now, but still good) 

My Behemoth is also magnetized and converted. It's crushing a cygnaran jack under its foot. The cygaran looks still functional (although having lost the right arm on the fight). The movement allowed to the behemoth's arms by the magnets makes the scene look amazing. I'm looking forward to have it painted.

The weather here has been terrible lately (for painting miniatures, that is, for oversleeping on weekends on the other hand...), so I only managed to finish priming my Carnivoran fleet yesterday. Now I have to get them painted before my Aquarian fleet arrives, and take the time between to get some Warmachine painted.

Here is what my armies look like so far:

 Khador and some Menoth

(some jacks are not showing on the pic as they are in process of being magnetized)

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