Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Galactic Empire

I've already shown my Galactic Empire Fleet here, but since then it changed somewhat, so let's take another look at it.

Basically, I did a black wash on all ships, including the Death Star. Additionally, I finished painting my Tie fighters, from Studio Bergstrom:

Tie Bombers

Tie Interceptors

Tie Fighters

All those fighters have different stats on Pax Stellarum. In fact, with the fighter design rules, I can create different fighters for virtually any race on Sci Fi.

As a rule, ships in Pax Stellarum are considered to ocuppy only the point in space where their flight peg is, and therefore all measures (movement, range) are taken from there. However, an exception can be made for some massive ships such as the Death Star.

On such cases, the actual model is taken as reference, rather then its flight peg. It is considered to ocuppy the space on the game board where its "shadow" is - the imaginary projection of its silhouette on the game surface.

It works quite well for my Micro Machines Death Star, which is pretty much the size of my moons.

I'm going ahead with playtesting. I believe a couple more full-scale tests may be enough to settle all the rules not yet fully tried out.

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  1. Are there besides fighter design rules also capital ship design rules planned in your rules set?

  2. Like em' a lot, I'll have to get my micromachine SDs finished off, probably gonna convert them into Victorys though.

  3. Come take a look at one of the first Ogres made by Martian Metals, The Ogre Mk Vb.

    Also, my collection of the Grenadier Models Stellerdate:2998 Space Squadrons (1978)

  4. Herc Warrior,

    Therea are design rules on my system for pretty much anything: capital ships, weapons and even boarding troops!

    That way if you have the borgs, your troops aren't going to be the same as of, say, romulans.