Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Sci Fi Universe of My Own II - The Alliance of The Worlds

I mentioned the Alliance of the Worlds on my previous entry, but in order to properly refer to it we have to get back a few hundred million years on the galactic history.

Our nearest neighboor galaxy, Andromeda, is inhabitated by angelic beings, which have long transcended the material universe. They live as pure light beings with godly powers, although perfectly capable of assuming physical form.

An Andromedan Woman

That race travelled the material universe "sowing" millions of planets with sapient life. That was acomplished by means of genetic transmutation of animal life forms that existed on those planets, gradually inserting higher elaborated DNA codes on their gene tree, through a process that spanned over millions of years.

Andromedan Cruiser (1,2km long)

On the Milky Way galaxy, the races that derived from this, the "Suns of the Angels", are known as the Ancient Ones. Because the Andromedans generated sapient races on their own image and likeness, those races were wise and peaceful minded as their ancestrals.

Andromedan Mothership (132,3km long)

Unfortunatelly, the peace-loving Andromedans had been forced to fight a terrible foe since immemorial times: The Citri.

The Citri

The Citri are the supreme lords of the greatest known star empire in the material universe. They are a reptilian race with extremely advanced technology. Their armada can easily travel across galaxies near their own homeland: The Galaxy of Citrar.

Citri Destroyer (1,8km long)

However, the Milky Way is so far away from Citrar that the reptile armada is only able to reach it by means  of intergalactic stargates. Such portals can only be opened when the Milky Way is in a specific position in  relation to Citrar, which only happens every few million years, and that can only be assessed by the unfathomable minds of Citri scientists.

Citri Battlecruiser (3,7km long)

The first time the Citri arrived at the Milky Way, the Andromedans engaged them in an all out war to out the lizard fleets. It was such a devastating event that countless worlds were laid to waste. For as long as the Portal remained openned, additional squadrons kept coming from Citrar...

After hundreds of thousands of years of war, the stargate finnaly closed. The Criti menace was gone, at least for the next tens of thousands of years. 

By then, The Andromedans decided to leave the galaxy for once, for the war against the Criti evil forces required their assistance elsewhere in the material universe.

Citri Mothership - "The Endless Shadow" (218km long)

Thus, they left the mission of protecting the Milky Way on the hands of their genetic heirs: The Ancient Ones.

Those races then got together under the flag of a union of a multitude of free races: The Aliance of the Worlds.

How all that relates to the Earth Federation will be seen on the next post.

*End of Transmission*

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