Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Vorlon Empire

Here it is. My Vorlon Fleet!

It was by far the most complex fleet I ever painted. It took several layers and details to get this look. But I'm pretty satisfied. I think they look awesome!

The fleet in close up

The Heavy Cruiser

The engines glowing. I'm really proud of how they turned out.

The main guns. Here too we can see a nice glow (!)

The escorts

If anyone is interested on that paint scheme, here it is:

- Flat black primer
- 3 layers of Revel Enamel Yellow 16
- Revell Enamel Green 42 spilled over the models with a tooth brush, to create the random dots
- Again, the Yellow 16 to correct with random dots the spots where too much green 42 was spilled
- Wash Vallejo Sephia Shade all over
- Highlights with the Yellow 16. The highlights consisted of, again, aleatory dots on the high parts, to make them standup
- Engines with Revell Enamel Orange 30. On the center, I used a little white, to give contrast.
- On the inner side of the tentacles, I used Revell Enamel Purple 54, later drybrushed over with Revell Enamel light blue 50.
- The Vorlon symbols were done with Revell Enamel Dark Grey SM 378, the border lines with light grey SM 374, and the red symbol with red 31.
- Finally, I washed the grey area of the symbol with GW Badab Black

And that was pretty much it. A tip for those willing to try this toothbrush technique at home: Make sure your wifeslashgirlfriendslashmother is not at home when you do that. Trust me, it gets messy...

*End of Transmission*


  1. they look fab - especially love the engine glow :)

  2. That is a fabulous fleet. I cant decide which is the best feature - the mottled appearance of the hulls or those wonderful engines and their glowing light flares!