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A Sci Fi Universe of My Own IV - The "New" Alliance and the Balance of Power

A number of the younger races that had been Protectorates of the Ancients for several millenia became pupils of the Alliance, once they achieved a certain level of both social and technological development.

Among those races were the Terrans (humans), the Bretori and the Olixians.

Officer of the Terran Star Navy

Bretori Female

Bretori Cruiser (520m long)

Bretori Battlecruiser (832m long)


Olixian Cruiser (920m long)

The terrans are the most beligerant of the younger races that joined the Alliance, and with the Elders largely withdrawing from wars in the Galaxy, the humans became a kind of "war caste" amid the allied worlds.

Several other younger races have raised to power in the Milky Way, the most important being the already mentioned Carmakians, and also the Oberons, the Burbassi, the Calinori and the Vidrians.

Oberon Soldier

Oberon Destroyer (682m long)

Oberon Cruiser (931m long)

Oberon Battleship (1.3km long)


Burbassi Destroyer (690m long)

Burbassi Cruiser (900m long)

Burbassi Battleship (2.1km long)


Calinori Destroyer (637m long)

Calinori Cruiser (716m long)

Calinori Battleship (960m long)


Vidrian Cruiser (1.03km long)

Vidrian Battleship (2.05km long)

The Alliance of the worlds and all the other major powers coexist in a state of "armed peace", occasionally disturbed by minor confronts, as no nation is willing to risk an all out war against a single foe, which could leave them vulnerable to the other powers.

Such circunstance is referred to as PAX STELLARUM by humans, in reference to the pax romana era in Earth history.

The Oberons have annexed several Calinori populated worlds centuries ago, and the majority of population there is still Calinori, in a region of space squeezed among three borders: The Oberon Republic, The League of Calinor and the Carmakian Empire.

Such situation is seen by the Calinori as an ocupation, even today, many hundreds of years after the annexation. This is cause to frequent conflicts between Oberons and Calinori.

The Burbassi, historical antagonists of the Oberons, are an aristocratic race, where social position is based on birth and family name. They watch the disputes among the Oberons and Calinori with extreme attention, seeking any signs of fragility on the Oberon side which could be exploited for their own ends.

The Vidrians are an aquatic race with extremely xenophobic disposition towards all "dryland walkers", and refrain from contacting alien races as much as possible. Any alien ship that travels through Vidrian held space is subject to immediate destruction by vidrian patrols.

As for the Carmakians, this is the race with heavier Citri genetic descent, which makes them extremely ferocious, intolerant and beligerant. Their armada is more powerful than that of any other major power alone, except for the Alliance of The Worlds, which rely on the more advance Ancient technology.

This is the context of the galaxy on the late 23° century (earth time).

And with this post, we finish the review of my fictional Sci Fi universe. 

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