Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Painting gains Momentum

I got to finish another fleet recently (wow, I'm on fire!!). It is the Dindrenzi!

I had posted about them earlier, but by then I had only the basic set, which comprised a Battleship, 3 cruisers and 6 frigates. Now the fleet is complete!

I rebased the basic set on the Firestorm Armada square flight stands. Originally, I had based them on hex stands, in order to work on my system, but I figured out it would be better to leave them original, so I can play FSA with whoever is interested. My system doesn't require the ships to be in hex bases, anyway. I can always use the round ruler I've shown on a previous post to figure out the six 60° fire arcs.

(for those who missed it, here is what I'm talking about. This is a pic from another entry)

I also changed the color of the engines glow. I thought orange would fit the Dindrenzi better than light blue.

The pic I took form their rear turned out awful (pardon me for being such a lazy photographer), so I posted this one above that shows a little of it on the sides. Here, the orange gave a kind of weary/rusty look, which is kind of nice, but on the rear it looked more like glow (uhf...)

The one ship you might be missing is the recently released Dindrenzi Dreadnought. Oh, well, the thing is, that is the one dreadnought from FSA that I find awful... Unfortunate, really, because the Dindrenzi are my favorite race in that game, and all the other dreadnoughts look good to me (the Sorylian looks great!)

Anyway, that's what happens when you give a geek some end-of-year days off...

*End of Transmission*


  1. Very nice! I have some FA Aquans that I need to get painted up--maybe by next January!

  2. Another superb looking fleet! You have so many, I've become very jealous since I first checked out this blog a couple of weeks ago. Keep the good stuff coming. :)

  3. Your stuff is incredible. I love the Firestorm Armada miniatures, but I have no one to play with around me so I never picked up the rules. On another note, where did you get the Cardassian ship miniatures? I love them!

  4. Hi, there, Angry Piper.

    The Cardassians are Micro Machines (Galors and Nor Stations) and Studio Bergstrom (Keldons and Hidekis).

  5. That is a very nice Dindrenzi colour scheme. A welcome departure from all the reds and blacks out there.
    Would you be able to give us all a quick run down of how you painted them up?

  6. Sure!

    Here it is:

    - Black Primer
    - Medium Drybrush Revell Enamel Grey Matt 79
    - Light Drybrush Revell Enamel Grey SM 374
    - Gold details in Revell Enamel Golden 92
    - For the engines detail, I drybrushed with Revell Enamel Orange 30

  7. Found your blog just recently, and I must say that I'm truly impressed by your work. For example this fleet, it is amazing! Really good-looking stuff! ;-)