Friday, January 20, 2012

A Sci Fi Universe of My Own - III - The Elders

Following the withdrawal of the Andromedans from the Milky Way, upon the end of the First Citri War, about 1.000.000 years ago, the Ancient Races decided to continue their Progenitors work of populating the Galaxy with sapient lifeforms.

At that point, there was still thousands of habitable planets yet to be colonized, Earth included.

By the time the Ancients arrived to Earth, the planet was inhabited by cavemen, such as the Neandhertals. The Elders pushed evolution on Earth to the next step: The Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Many Civilizations contributed with their genes to the formation of human civilization, one of them being the Eldorans.
Her Majesty, Lady Allysis - Eldora's Queen as of 2.283AD (Earth calendar)

The Eldorans were responsible for originating the caucasian people on earth. They also vowed to be the Guardians of the Earth, until the point humans could become part of the Great Alliance.

Their homeworld is Eldora, a beautiful planet where nature is not green, but red.

Eldoran Cruiser (802m long)

Tr Vellion ("The Traveller") - Eldoran Capital Ship (1.24km long)

During millenia, the Eldorans kept close proximity with humans, often visiting primitive tribes, and interacting with them. This is probably where our myth about fair haired angels originated from.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the Ancients to notice that something was wrong in the Galaxy. Races that were bred by the Andromedans, and which therefore should evolve into good-hearted civilizations began to show traces of personality typical of the Lizards, such as greed, violence, selfishness and desire for domination.

Many years passed until the Ancients were able to determine the cause of that "epidemy" that was spreading throughout the Milky Way: The basecode of many races had being infected by the Citri during their invasion on the Galaxy.

Over the millenia, countless civilizations with both Citri and Andromedan genetic code began to thrive on all corners of the galaxy, and as they grew stronger, their interests began to clash, leading to extremely destructive wars.

By then, all th Ancient Races were at a stage of evolution were they could make the transition into the immaterial universe, the home of their forefathers, the Andromedans. Seen all the strife and confusion thas was governing the Galaxy, most of them chosen to leave, transmuting their bodies into light, and leaving the imperfect material dimension for once.

Still, a handful of those races chosen to stay behind and guide the younger races, showing them the path of mutual understanding and fraternity that has always been the foundation of the relationship amidst the Ancient Races.

Some of those races are the Armelians, the Terotians, the Eltronians and the Eldorans.


Armelian Cruiser (720m long)

Armelian Battleship (1.7km long)


Terotian Cruiser (911m long)

Terotian Battleship


Eltronian Cruiser (750m long)

Eltronian Battleship

I'll be talking about the "new" Alliance of the Worlds on the next post.

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