Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Sci Fi Universe of my own

Perhaps most people that enjoy Spaceship Sci Fi had at least once thought about creating their own fictional universe. Well, I'm not different. A few years ago, I created an entire background to support a space novel I wanted to write, but then I soon realised I'm simply too lazy to write an entire book (!).

Just recently I remembered that I had made sketches for most of the ships for the races I came up with. I did it on Microsoft Paintbrush, for some reason that is beyond me right now, as I have average drawing skills, and could have acomplished a much better looking work with much less effort using pencil and paper...

Anyway, here are some of those pics;
The Carmakian Battlecruiser

The Carmakians are a violent and intolerant race. One of the proeminent powers on my universe. Their home planet is Carmak.

The carmakian battlecruiser is disc-shaped, with 1,1 km diameter. 
The Carmakians

The Carmakian Battleship

The carmakian battleship is dome-shaped. It has got 1,4km diameter, and is extremelly powerful. I like how oddly shaped those ships look. Very alien.

The Carmakian Invader

The Carmakian Invader is a huge mothership designed to deliver millions of troops anywhere in the galaxy. It is cone-shaped, and is 7,8km high.

Earth Federation Destroyer

Another great power in my fiction is (guess!) the humans. Their designs are more conventional.

Earth Federation Cruiser

Earth Federation Battlecruiser

Human ships are no match for the carmakians conterparts, but earthlings resort on an interstellar alliance to fight the pale skinned threat: The Alliance of the Worlds.

But that is a subject for the next post.

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  1. I really like your sketch of the Carmakians, they look very menacing!

  2. I just came across your blog (via TMP) and it's very impressive! My blog started out as a spaceship gaming blog but it has expanded to include all my gaming habits. Love pure spaceship blogs like this! Consider yourself followed.

    Great painting and interesting colour schemes. Now I'm just jelous of all your B5 minis. Might have to order some after next paycheck. :)

  3. Hi, Marin, welcome aboard!

    Actually I post about other styff eventually, such as 40k. I'm also going to be posting about heroclix on the near future.

    But spaceships are by far the minis I enjoy the most!! You can expect at least 80% of the posts here to be on them.!

  4. Oops, sorry: Martin, not "Marin".

  5. Thanks!

    Yes, some other content as well of course, but a whole lot of spaceships! Haha! Your blog (and my own recent Firestorm: Armada article) just inspired me to write a new post about some different systems I'm interested in.

    Do you have any favourite system you use?

  6. I like to play my own ruleset, Pax Stellarum, which is on the final stages of betatesting.

    I'll be realising it for freedownload once I get it done.