Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dust Warfare - Starting my Axis Army- Part 1

Aaand the pile of unpainted models on my work desk continues to build up. Aside from 3 Warmachine armies, I now have to work on my newly acquired dust models.

I have got 1 of each unit currently available for this army, so let's take a look at them all:

 Heavy Recon Grenadiers

Overall, the models look great. A lot of detail. Expressive faces, poses and cool looking weapons. They come assembled and primed, but the mold lines haven't been removed, so there is some work to do before start painting them, anyway.

One cool aspect of these models is that most minis come with pivoting torsos! That allows you to give them unique poses and further differentiate each model on the unit.

 Axis Heroes

2 out of 3 axis heroes are zombies. What a benevolent, charming, thrust-inspiring empire this is...

Battle Grenadiers

The unit above comes with an additional panzerschreck (missile launcher, if you will...) so you can rearrange it to be a panzer killer unit, instead. I think I'm gonna need another of this anyway, as I may need to field both types of units on the same game.

Sniper Grenadiers

Beobatcher (Observer Squad)


Now, I don't usually like zombies, but these guys I do like. Mainly due to their fluff. These are fallen axis soldiers, turned into undead warriors (!). Apparently, dying is no valid excuse to quit fighting for the 3° Reich!


Recon Grenadiers

Laser Grenadiers


These guys, if I remember the rulebook correctly, were genetically engineered to have their intelligence increased, allowing them to follow orders from the axis commanders. Their hand weapons, similarly to those of the zombies, are fit for piercing tanks.

Heavy Kommandotrupp

Let's take a look on some comparison shots with Space Marines, to get a sense of scale here:

Don't really know if Dust is officially 30mm or 28, but they are significantly taller then GW models. The heavy troops are even taller, and kind of dwarfs the space marine terminator armor as well.

According to the pic bellow, in real life terms, the heavy armor would make the commander on the left about 20-30cm taller then the grenadier on the right.

The models are made of a plastic resin, much similar to that of Warmachine, and any bent pieces, like antennae and gun barrels, can be easily fixed with a quick blow from a hair-drier.

Next, part 2, featuring the heavy hitters: The Axis Walkers!!

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  1. Dust models are 1/48 scale, or supposed to be anyway. Mostly a modelling scale it's sometimes called 36mm scale. So yes, they would be bigger than "heroic" 30mm scale.