Sunday, May 27, 2012

Earth Alliance Fleet

Finished another fleet, despite skepticism of some (including myself  :-P). This time, the Earth Alliance fleet, from Babylon 5.

 (I know, lot of fur on my gaming mat. That's what happens when you have 2 dogs at home...)

This pic above shows the EarthForce Explorer with some battle damage. The model had a miscast on this side of the artifical gravity generation wheel, and I prefered to turn it into a fresh battle scar (you can still see some internal decks on fire), as remodeling such an intricate piece of detail would be a nightmare.

Another full fleet pic.

Hearing rumors about the deployment of a brand new fleet by the Earth Alliance, the Minbari hurried to parade their own new battlegroup, some much appreciated reinforcements to help maintain their military superiority on this region of the galaxy.

With these goodies out of my paint desk, it looks a lot less frightening now. I hope to have time to work on my carnivorans while not forsaking the programming of the spreadsheets for Pax Stellarum on the next days.

Expect some Carnivorans showing off here soon!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So many things to do

I haven't been posting much lately, but this is not for lack of gaming projects. On the contrary, actually. I have so many things on my work desk that blogging became secondary on the last couple weeks.

First, I have an Earth Alliance fleet and some Minbari reinforcements to paint. Both with several fighters.

 The fleet, already primed.

 Several fighters needing painting too

 Earth Alliance fighters

Centauri fighters, which I'm going to use for my carmakian fleet, and narn fighters for, well... the Narn.

 Minbari reinforcements and fighters

minbari fighters in close up

I also recently had my second Galactic Knights fleet arriving from the post office: the Carnivorans. As you can see, I got a whole lot of them. 

And don't get me started on the growing pile of Warmachine models I have on my shelves... I can't believe I ended up collecting 3 armies because I was unable to pic one I liked the most...

The reason why I got so much behind on my painting is because I've been concentrating on my ruleset for the last few weeks. I'm currently working on having the design spreadsheet done, and Tim is going ahead with the editing of the rulebook, so if you guys thought I had forsaken that project you're very mistaken!

It is just that it takes a lot of work to have something like that all ready. The core rules are extensive, and we have to come up with solutions for a multitude of situations we are anticipating about actual game play (and stuff that comes up during playtesting as well).

Anyway, I'll try to get all those fleets painted until next week and also finish my spreadsheets.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not Only Spaceships

Well, its been a while since I last posted anything not related to spaceship gaming, so let me show you guys my first painted Khador units, from Warmachine:

These are from the 2-player battlebox, which also comes with a Menoth Battlegroup. Those are still waiting for their specific paints to arrive, though.

 I fully magnetized the 'jacks, and now I can exchange their arms if I will, or remove them to represent crippled systems, and even remove the upper body, leaving only the legs on the table to represent a wreck, as I don't have these markers yet.

Magnetizing also allows me to give them cinematic poses, such as those below.

I'm also painting 2 space marines tactical squads and a drop pod for my Black Templars army (40K). Other than that, I beginning a third Warmachine army: Cygnar. But all this on the meantime of working on Pax Stellarum.

I'm a begginer when it comes to painting 28mm, alright, but I'm still proud of what I acomplished with my first Khadorans. Painting flesh and making realistic bases are something I'm still learning, though. 

As for the last, I have an excuse. The best material is not sold here, so I purchased from abroad and it still haven't arrived. As for flesh, well... Its just too much work applying an undercoat, then successive layers of wash, then highlight, on something so small as the face of a guy 28mm tall (!).

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pax Stellarum - Pics from another Alpha Testing game

Tim White, the Marauder from the Star Ranger forum, is helping me reviewing the text and rules for Pax Stellarum, and was kind enough to send me a couple pics of the solo game he did to try the system out.

Here they are:

Tim's aid is being extremelly important on this phase of the development, as we share similar view on most aspects of the rules, and his insights are always reasonable and useful.

I expect to have the system ready to go on the very near future. You may notice that I've added a gadget to the top right of this blog that links to the Googledocs page where I'll be uploading the files once they are ready. As for now, it is empty, but be patient, they will get there!

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