Thursday, December 29, 2022

Prussian Artillery Limbers

I've been working on quite a few artillery limbers, lately - for Prussians, Wurttemberg and British. Featuring on this post are my first 3 limbers for the Prussian army. As there are no such kits dedicated to Prussians in plastic 1/72, I had to resort to some conversions, using HaT Austrian limbers conducted by Strelets Prussian Dragoons painted as train drivers.

I like to have 1 limber for each of my artillery batteries - and usually, 6 or 7 batteries per major army -so I'll have to produce some more of these at some point. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

More Prussian Landwehr

I finished another couple battalions of landwehr to reinforce my Prussian brigades. These ones here were painted in orange-red and white facings, marking them as East Prussian and Pomeranian units, respectively. 

As usual for most of my Prussian forces, these models are HaT Industries, some of their most recent releases of few years ago, overall some really nice models.

First off, the East Prussians:

Here's the unit in firing line:

For the Pomeranians, I also did a few bases of skirmishers to use in mixed formations:

Now I'm off to paint some artillery for the Wurttembergers, as well as some limbers to the Prussians and to my British army, the latter with models printed from STL files of a Kickstarter I recently participated in - awesome sculpts! 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Württemberg Mounted Jaegers

Here are my 2 regiments of mounted jaegers for the Wurttembergers. I painted those units on their 1812 regulations, which limit their facing colors mainly to their collars and pipping.

Those are HaT sculpts - overall, very nice designs, both men and horses. The crests on some of the helmets were a bit off, not particularly well shaped on the back, so I had to do a bit of trimming here and there to make them look better. Also, the option of arm for the trumpeter was pretty poorly sculpted, the arm was way too long and looked odd on the model, so I chose to do without it and give my trumpeter a sabre-holding arm instead.

Now for the pics: First off, Regiment König, on pink and white facings. You can notice the pink is present only on their collars. I've seen some sources indicate that their cuffs were in their uniform green, which is the way I went with these,  but I've also seen others suggest it was pink, so not really sure here, but I'm happy with the way they turned out, they look very sharp and ellegant! 

Here's the other regiment of mounted jaegers, the Herzog Louis, with their yellow facings. I haven't quite determined which unit I think looks better - both their color palettes are very striking!

Now I need to work on some artillery for this small army, and then I'll call them done - in all, I'll have a full brigade of infantry, supported by an artillery battery, plus a couple regiments of light horses, which feels pretty good for a small force that is to act as support for my french army, and not act on their own against Prussia or Austria!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Prussian Garde du Corps

 Here is my second unit of Prussian Cuirassiers, this time the 3rd Regiment - The Garde du Corps. Again, this unit was done using HaT Russian Dragoons horsemen on HaT Russian Cuirassiers mounts.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Prussian Silesian Cuirassiers

Took a pause from Wurttembergers and recently finished my first couple regiments of Prussian Cuirassiers - some of my favorite uniforms of the napoleonic period! I think their white collets with no cuirass gives them a striking and unique visual, so choosing to go with the collets and not their campaign blue litewkas was a no brainer.

The problem was actually coming up with adequate models for this prussian cavalry, as there are no plastic kits in 1/72 for late Prussian Cuirassiers. Waterloo 1815 has a set of metal cuirassiers, but they were not a good solution for me. For one, they're metal, and therefore considerably more expensive than plastics. Secondly, they come 6 in a set, with 3 of the horsemen being command models - and officer, a trumpeter, and a color bearer. Thus, to come up with multiple units of my 18-model cavalry regiments, I'd need to buy a lot of sets, and end up with a large number of the spare command models, for which I'd have no use whatsoever. Lastly, the models from that set are not great enough sculpts as to tempt me to put some good money on them.

Thus, I looked for a solution with plastic kits, and it involved using HaT Russian Dragoons riders on HaT Russian Cuirassiers horses. The russian dragoon helmets from the HaT kit are sculpted with their early, bushy crests, which is perfect as it gives me enough material to work with, so I was able to trim them into the shape of prussian crests. The other conversion I did was to make their breeches go over their gaiters, which was pretty straighforward, since the detail delimitating their breeches, right under their knees, was pretty shallow and easy to scrap. 

All in all, I think the end result turned out to be a very convincing Prussian Cuirassier Regiment, and because I like these heavies so much, I plan on doing 4 regiments in total. 

Monday, October 24, 2022

Wurttemberg Jaegers and General

While painting my Wurttemberg infantry, I also made a command base for the infantry brigade, using some spare infantry models from the HaT kit, and a Baden general from Franznap.

As I had 2 kits of Wurttemberg infantry, I had enough jaeger models to come up with a small formed unit, of 2 bases, and a good number of skirmishers - 12 bases, enough to represent 2 small units, as I usually go with 6 skirmish bases per unit.

Here are the skirmishers:

Now I'll be addressing the prussians again, and paint a couple of (converted) cuirassier regiments, and then back to the Wurttembergers, to give them some artillery and light cavalry. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wurttemberg Line Infantry - 5th Regiment

 Here is the last battalion of line infantry for my Wurttembergers, the Prinz Friedrich Regiments, with their light blue facings. With these, I now have 4 battalions of line infantry, which together with some jaegers and artillery will form a pretty strong german brigade to assist my french marshals on their lunatic endeavors to rule continental Europe!

Next up are the Jaegers, then I'll need to work on some cavalry and artillery, and that'll be it for the Wurttembergers.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wurttemberg Line Infantry - 1st Regiment

Another battalion finished for my growing Wurttemberg force. Here we have the 1st Regiment, with their yellow facings.


With the Wurttembergers I'm starting the process of sticking labels on my units, to facilitate their identification on the table. I found that using a brown blackground on the label gives it the most discrete visual, while still being easy to read.

It'll be a long process to label my entire collection, so I'll be doing it over the next several months, probably.

The unit in attack column formation: