Monday, June 17, 2013

Warpath Enforcers

Last week, I painted my first Enforcers for the game Warpath, from Mantic. Lately, I`ve been looking for alternatives to GW models, both because I`m becoming weary of heroic scale, with those giant heads and disproportionate limbs, and because I cannot justify to myself paying those prices anymore.

The Enforcers are the Elite troops of the Corporation, a galactic institution that comprises numerous human companies, and that effectively governs the realm of mankind on the Warpath universe.



I joined the Deadzone Kickstarter, mostly to pick more Enforcers to my army, but am also looking forward to the Asterians and Forge Fathers.

Overall, the Warpath universe looks quite interesting and promissing, as Mantic continues to expand it, adding new factions, such as the Asterians, the Plague and the Rebels.






*End of Transmission