Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Aquarians!

My 3º Fleet of Starfleet Wars is done! Check the pics:

The paint scheme for them was:

 - Black spray primer
- 2 layers of medium drybrush with Tamyia Acrylic Metallic Blue X-13
- 1 layer of light drybrush with Vallejo Game Color Magic Blue
- 1 layer of light drybrush with Revell Enamel Light Blue 50
- 1 layer of light drybrush with Vallejo Game Color Jade Green
- Engines on Vallejo Model Color Orange Fluo
- Semi-glow varnish, to give a somewhat moist look

Now there are only 2 fleets to go: the Avarians and the Terrans. While I wait for the birdies to arrive, I'll focus on getting as many ship stats created for Pax Stellarum as I can, so people can play my homebrew right away, without having to go over the design tool.

I already designed and entire Centauri fleet, and now I'm going to work on the Narn to oppose them. 

*End of Transmission*

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  1. Very nice! The glow from the engines looks like it's reflected off the back of the ships. Great job!