Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Of Psykers and Bunkers

Last week I painted a team of Sanctioned Psykers and a custom built bunker.




 The bunker was made with one of these plastic structures that "cushions" the corners of appliances inside their boxes. I don't remember what particular device these came with, but the fact is that I have 4 of them in total, so I might try making one for the Orks, and another for Eldars, maybe...



I used several imperial bits to customize it, and also used plasticard here and there to create more detail, as well as to build the door and fire points.


The idea is that a unit may occupy either the interior of this building, thus being unable to be fired at while still being able to fire out of the 4 fire points available (a couple on either of the 2 larger sides), or may instead use the battlement on the top, from where all models would be able to fire (as is the rule for battlements) while being protectd by a 4+ cover save.

Being a bunker, I believe it should be treated as an Armour Value 14 building. The gun in the battlement could be manually fired by a model next to it.


I even used a spare weapon mount that comes in the Bastion kit to allow an Icarus Lascannon to be fit in there:


The Quad Gun from the Aegis Defence Line kit also fits in there perfecly well, so we've got 2 weapon options to provide fire power to this bunker.

Speaking of Aegis Defence Line, I believe I forgot to show it here on the blog. I've finished it for quite some time now, so here it goes:





Next weeks will see me back into starships' painting, as I'm expecting my recently purchased Space Marine fleet from Battlefleet Gothic to be arriving anytime soon.

*End of Transmission.


  1. great job on painting your figs you have been geting, excellant job on the bunker. i have a chaos planet killer, it's a great mini, i highly recomend it.

    1. I've got one, as well. Indeed a great model. One of my most cherished starships!