Thursday, October 17, 2013

Main Battle Tanks for the Corporation

Recently, I purchased a couple tanks from PigIron Productions to go as my MBT's for the Corporation army in Warpath. Those models look amazing, very sci-fi and exquisitely detailed.

I used a Corporation Major-General (which I just painted up, as well) on the pics below to give you guys a sense of scale.



The turrets rotate freely, since the model has a pin-on-hole design that connects the turret to the chasis. I added some magnets to the top and sides of the tanks so I can fit additional weapons, such as anti-infantry guns on the turret, or heavy weapons on the sponsors, etc.





Here we have some close-ups of the Major-General. I'll be painting some details on his glaive on different colors. It's all too red and kind of reminds hell-boy as it is now.



Those tanks and the Veer-myn saw action for the first time last week. Here are some shots of the climax of the battle, where a tunneller had emerged right in the middle of the Corporation forces, got blown up and then its gruesome cargo got assaulted by Enforcers.



Here the Enforcers surround a Night Spawn, and the Captain slains the beast while the remaining rats escorting it are also erradicated.


Fun game, fun models, hope to put these guys on the table again, soon.

*End of Transmission*


  1. Those tanks are awesome! Nice painting. :)

  2. Lovely work, those tanks are scary!

    Also, could I ask you for a tutorial about painting starship engines? Yours are awesome, I can´t reach your level X_X

    1. Hi, Phobos,

      It is actually quite easy to paint engines. There are several tutorials out there, I'm sure, but I'll give you an overall idea of how I paint mine:

      - Drybrush the surroundings of the engine to represent brightness from the source of light.
      - Use blending to paint the source of light. The most central part should be almost white. That will make the engine look like it is glowing hot.

      That simple!

    2. Thanks Matgc! I painted my kra´vak fleet as you tell, but the results are not what I expected. Maybe I upload a couple of photos and ask you If I missed something.

      Thanks a lot!