Thursday, November 21, 2013

Babylon 5: Centauri and Minbari x Vorlons

Last saturday we palyed another game of Pax Stellarum. This time we fielded the Vorlons against an alliance of Centauri and Minbari. Each side had a total of around 1460 points.



My side controlled the Centauri and Minbari. I had the Centauri, and my friend, the Minbari. The Vorlons are deadly on their front arc of fire (Prow), due to their Death Rays, so we chosed to deploy flanking their fleet, forcing them to maneuver to face part of our forces, giving the rear to the rest of it.



The Minbari consisted of only 2 Sharlin cruisers. One deployed on the table, the other was designated to enter from reserve through Hyperspace jump later on the game, along with a Centauri battlecruiser.


The game went basically in favor of the Vorlons. Their ships turned out to be far superior to the Centauri-Minbari formations. I probably gave them way too many cool stuff. I should tune them down a bit next time.


The Minbari had a bad roll on reserves, and the extra Sharlin didn't show up until turn 5, and since  it comprised half the Minbari fire power, it really hindered our chances of winning the battle, I think.


On the end of game turn 6 we had already lost all our capital ships (2 Primus and 2 Sharlins), only destroying a couple Vorlon Frigates in exchange, and there was little point in prolonging a lost battle, so we capitulated.

During the game, we spent some time discussing ways to improve the Ramming and Boarding rules, and I think we made good progress. I hope to playtest more proposed changes over the next couple weeks.

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