Monday, February 10, 2014

New terrain for our gaming club

Since I'm starting to play hsitorical games, I decided to come up with more terrain for this genre, particularly landscape. This one here I made as the perfect spot for artillery.


This was made with a styrofoam structure, modeled here and there with some putty and based on thick cardstock. I then added my texture of earth+water+glue and let it dry for a couple days. Next, I drybrushed and then added the flocking. It is amazingly easy to do, and the results are very realistic, as we can see here.



Even though I'll be building 1/72 (20mm) historical armies, this hill is also fit for 28mm, as we can see from the pics ahead. In fact, being multi scale is an advantage of landscape terrain in general.




And here is another piece of terrain I finished this week. A 28mm ruined building. A friend on our gaming club came up with the frame structure (printed a CAD file he made) and I added the base, floors and roof, as well as painted it up.





Last saturday I played my first game of Black Powder and it was real fun. I'm looking forward to play more Napoleonics, and can't wait for my first units to arrive from mail so I can begin assembling my own Grand Armée.

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  1. Nice work, and obviously I approve adventures in Napoleonic Wargaming! :-)

    Which army and manufacturer(s) are you starting with?

    1. Hi, Gonsalvo!

      I'm starting several armies at once, since I'll need to provide the armies if my gaming group is to be convinced into playing Napoleonics, but my main army will be French.

      The chosen scale is 1/72, because there are amazing plastic kits on that size (Zvezda, Revell, Italeri, Hat...).

      I considered 15mm, but painting hordes of metal soldiers, only to watch their paint chip at a mere glance, drove me out of it.