Monday, June 30, 2014

Italeri Stone Bridge

I'm expanding my range of terrain for the 1/72 wargaming, and since I made some river sections a couple months ago, getting my hands on a suitable bridge was a only reasonable, right?!



This is a beautiful kit, very well detailed, easy to assemble and quite unexpensive. I got mine for 10 pounds on Ebay. The bridge is perfectly suitable for larger scales, such as 28mm, which makes this kit an ever greater value.



A scale shot with a grenadier of the Old Guard:


The bridge over the river sections:


This model fits just perfectly over the river sections I made. And I stress: just perfectly. Were the sections a fraction of an inch broader, and the bridge would fall short on them. I wish I could say this was all planned, but truth be told, I wasn't even aware of this beautiful Italeri kit by the time I produced those pieces of river terrain. It's great when the universe conspires and everything works out, isn't it?!




I have also being investing on some houses to make up a good historical table, and our club has being purchasing more landscape terrain, such as trees, woods, etc., since we were quite lacking on this department. 

By the time my first Napoleonic armies are ready to meet the ground, I'll be able to come up with attractive tables, which always makes the game more enjoyable! Now, back to painting a couple hundred more tiny soldiers!

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  1. I like the bridge a lot - you'll probably want at least one more bridge, maybe even 2-3 more including perhaps some narrower ones. My favorite bridge is one I scratch built out of poster board and craft sticks; nothing looks more like wood than... wood!