Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New addition to our Club's terrain collection - Warhammer Fortress

Just recently our club acquired a gorgeous new set of terrain, the Warhammer Fantasy Fortress, from Games Workshop. For a while I've been thinking of purchasing this kit myself, but my hobby budget was constantly needed elsewhere, and so this was repeatedly postponed.

But then suddenly there was this opportunity: an acquaintance of one of our members was selling a complete kit, and the club decided to go for it. Perfect timing, I'd say, as this is going to be quite useful for my games of Hail Caesar with Romans and Crusaders.


I was so excited to get to it, that once this set was on my hands I quickly started working on it. An evening of assembling on saturday, priming on sunday and actual painting over a couple more evenings and voilà!






The best thing about this kit is its versatility. You can arrange the different parts in several ways and come up with many layouts. Even an Adrian Wall is an option, if you need to keep those highlander barbarians out of Britannia.



  1. A lovely building, I'm sure you'll get plenty of enjoyable hours from its use!

  2. Pretty good paint job too, well done.