Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cardassian Fleet

This is my Cardassian fleet for my games of Pax Stellarum during the Dominion War. I definitely exaggerated a bit on it, this is probably more than I'll ever use at once, and I still have 7 galors I left aside and chose not to paint right now.

I'm currently working on completing all fleets that took part on the Dominion War, and doing them all in scale to each other, or as close as possible.

There are 3 ship classes on this fleet: Galor, Keldon and Hideki. I've come up with stats for all of them, and these can be found on the Design Tool by following the link for the the Pax Stellarum folder on my Google drive. There are also several other ship designs I've come up with over the last couple weeks.