Monday, August 8, 2016

Isorian Senatex Space fleet

So, I love spaceship wargaming, and followers of this blog will notice that over the last months I've been collecting armies of Beyond the Gates of Antares, a scifi tabletop wargame, and for a while I've been considering making fleets to play space battles on the Antares setting.

Because there are no official models from Warlord Games for that subject, I decided to lurk around for options, and here are the first fruits of that labor, my first Antares fleet, the Isorian Senatex.

The rules I'll be using are those of my very own ruleset, Pax Stellarum, which I use to play all the scifi settings I collect fleets of (Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, etc.). This saves me the trouble of having to learn a different ruleset for each universe (!) The second edition of the system is currently in the final stages of revision, shortly it'll be available again as a free download on the link provided in the side bar of this blog.


These models are from Ravenstar Studios' Horrid Fleet, and I think they fit nicely with the isorian organic visual. By the way, there are other types of ships for the horrids which I'm probably going to use as proxys for ground support weapons in Antares, since most of the such entries on the isorian lists are still unreleased models.






Let's take a look at the ship classes in this fleet, shall we?!

- Goh' Rak Class heavy cruiser (stingray shaped ships): Hull Size 11



- Nirkalax Class Light Cruiser (hammerhead shark shaped ships): Hull Size 8


Vorlah Class Destroyer: Hull Size 7


Tor' Goll Class corvettes: Hull Size 2


- Alterak Class Battleship: Hull Size 22


- Ur' Zorox class dreadnought: Hull Size 33




Now I need to actually come up with stats for those ships, while also building fleets for the other factions, and start having some fun battling them on the tabletop. My next project on this subject is probably going to be the Algoryn fleet, and I'm also considering adding fighters to my Antares fleets. not sure if that is a thing in that setting, but it's fun, so it's justifiable if you ask me!


  1. Those look great! Excellent use of the orange pop colour. :-)

  2. Fantastic! This fleet looks great. I'm interested in trying out your rules sometime. I look forward to the new edition.

    Thanks for sharing.