Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wurttemberg Line Infantry - 1st Regiment

Another battalion finished for my growing Wurttemberg force. Here we have the 1st Regiment, with their yellow facings.


With the Wurttembergers I'm starting the process of sticking labels on my units, to facilitate their identification on the table. I found that using a brown blackground on the label gives it the most discrete visual, while still being easy to read.

It'll be a long process to label my entire collection, so I'll be doing it over the next several months, probably.

The unit in attack column formation:


  1. Another most excellent uinit. he label looks good too. I have a rather large contingent of new Wurttembergers from Piano Games to paint, probably in 2923,.

    1. Haha! I'm considering getting into his new KS, which will feature austrian infantry. I already have a whole collection of HaT austrians to paint, but Piano's look far better!

  2. The new Tyrolean Revolt KS is due to open 11/25...