Wednesday, December 14, 2022

More Prussian Landwehr

I finished another couple battalions of landwehr to reinforce my Prussian brigades. These ones here were painted in orange-red and white facings, marking them as East Prussian and Pomeranian units, respectively. 

As usual for most of my Prussian forces, these models are HaT Industries, some of their most recent releases of few years ago, overall some really nice models.

First off, the East Prussians:

Here's the unit in firing line:

For the Pomeranians, I also did a few bases of skirmishers to use in mixed formations:

Now I'm off to paint some artillery for the Wurttembergers, as well as some limbers to the Prussians and to my British army, the latter with models printed from STL files of a Kickstarter I recently participated in - awesome sculpts! 


  1. Excellent painted figures Matt!

  2. They look great; with a late Prussian army y6ou need a lot of these guys!