Thursday, July 14, 2011

Space Battles Scenery - On the works

   My space mat finally arrived! It's huge, I had a hard time finding a place at home where I could lay it down fully open for the picture below.

  This is a blue version of the Red Nebula I mat from Corsec Engineering. Jonathan, from Corsec, kindly agreed to design this on for me, since I like blue better. It does look nice, doesn't it?!
  Along with the mat came a bunch of acrylic spheres which are gonna represent planets/moons. This is how they look right now, almost finished:

 On the left, we have an yellow-colored ocean world (very alien!). On the center, a rocky world, like mars. The one on the right is earth-like, but still need a dark blue paint for the ocean (I'm expecting the paint to arrive tomorrow...).

   This blue one is (supposed to be) a gas world, like Neptune. In my defense, it looks better on flesh (not much better, though...)

    And here we have the moons. I think they look pretty decent! 

    Last Saturday I met the folks from the wargaming club of Curitiba, the Tropas Polares (Polar Troops). Very nice people! They play anything that goes boom, although they are not regular space battle gamers. 
    I'm planning on getting some to play with me, so I'm gonna take my scenery stuff (mat, asteroids, planets) over the club next Saturday to get them to start enjoying space gaming as well! 

   PS: My Imperial Fleet is still in the dry docks, and will probably be finished by sunday.

 Part of the Imperial Fleet, already primed.

 *End of Transmission*

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  1. I like the paint jobs on your planets, especially the yellow-ocean world. Maybe those oceans are very shallow seas, filled with some sort of algae.

    It's great that you found a gaming group; be sure and get photos of when you play.