Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drydocks at maximum capacity...

So my Dindrenzi starter box arrived today. That means that right now I've got a Centauri Fleet to paint, along with a dozen cardassian ships, a zillion fighters and 10 dindrenzi... That's just a lot to work...

Centauri fleet basecoated

Fighters from Studio Bergstrom also basecoated, along with some keldon class cardassian cruisers

Keldons in close up

Bergstrom's wrok is really great. Look at how small those fighters are:

Now check the amount of detail they have:

The fact that they come with silicon hex bases allow you to fit a bunch of them per base, giving it a real squadron feel. Besides, the silicon isn't damaged by sticking needles on it, so you can take the fighters out and put them back as much as you want, eliminating the need to use dice to keep track of the number of fighters remaining on that squadron.

And here are the Dindrenzi:

A lot of flash to be removed from those models, but luckly no huge miscasts (I was worried, there has been a lot on complaint over Firestorm Armada models for that). There are small shrinks on some pieces, tough, very small, barely noticeable. Also some filling up with green stuff is going to be needed. Other then that, all seems fine! *relieved*

I got to play my first game of Warhammer 40K last saturday at our gaming club. I loved it! I fielded Space Marines against the Tyranids of a fellow wargamer. Boy, those bugs are nasty!

At a point, I had lost all hope of winning, those bugs were eating me up (literally...). But another gamer who were there helping me with the tactics demoved me from capitulating, that would be too shameful, after all, Space Marines never surrender!

So I carried on, and turned out the massive marine fire power ended up killing all the bugs, among which were some really, really big/tough/mean/ruthless ones. I couldn't believe it. Seriously, a couple game turns earlier I could see no hope of any marine surviving that slaughter! Incredible!

It was a 1000 point game, and in the end the only surviving warriors were my Dreadnought and 3 devastator marines, along with a Rhino...

It was so much fun that I decided to have a Space Marine army. But I'm going to buy it painted already. There is simply not enough room in the drydocks for anything else for a long time...

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  1. The good thing about fighters is that you can paint a whole bunch very quickly. And if they're detailed, you can usually just drybrush.

  2. Yeah, I'll drybrush them on grey (dark and then light grey). The ships are the heavy work here. And the Minbari fleet is on its way...