Friday, August 5, 2011

Jem' Hadar Fleet in drydocks

My Dominion fleet from Ender ( arrived today! Took them at postal office and spent the afternoon cleaning it up (what? I'm on vacations...).

There was some flashing to do, but mostly sanding, a lot of sanding to have those models ready for primer. The battleship, a behemoth of almost 9" was somewhat puzzling to put together (and Ender did send writen instructions on that...). 

Jem' Hadar Battleship before assembling

Battleship ready for primer

Along with the batleship came 4 Jem' Hadar cruisers, 5 Breen cruisers and 15 Jem' Hadar attack ships.

The assembled fleet. A yet-to-be-painted Bergstrom Keldon cruiser is welcoming the new guys. On the bottom, we can see some of my Federation ships, waiting me to finish painting them (boy, it's starting to crowd in there...)

The Centauri should take another week or two to get here, enough time for me to finish everything currently on the works and clean off my work place.

*End of Transmission*

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