Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Centauri Fleet

So I finally finished my Centauri.

They have been on the works for a long time. As I mentioned on a previous post, the problem was that I made a wash that looked terrible, and I had no idea what to do to save the paint job.

The reason the wash looked that bad is probably because I didn't use proper wash to do that. I simply diluted some acrylic paint on water, with a drop of dish detergent to help thin it down. The recesses were fine, but the high surfaces ended up with some stains here and there.

Well, turned out the solution was simple: A cotton swab lightly dump with thinner. I rubbed it gently over the stains, and "voila"! They were gone. If you ever need to use this technique, remember: press gently. You don't want to remove your painting, just the wash stains over it.

Here are some more pics of the finished armada:

 And here is how they look on my new shelves:

I'm also finishing my first Dindrenzi ships (the starter set) and am working on my newly acquired Minbari Fleet. The first ones will be showing up tomorrow, probably!

*End of Transmission*


  1. Nice! How do you like the coresec flight stands? (looks like those are the ones you used for the bigger ships)

    I have a Centari fleet sitting in a box- for years- always loved the look of those ships. Have an EA fleet too, same box :(

  2. The Corsec stands are very good. One could assemble their entire fleet with corsec mounts, and then just have enough pegs and stands to fit the number of ships he usually fields, as all mounts/pegs/stands work together.

    But for someone with sooo many ships, even the mounts alone would cost a fortune, so I just use them on the bigger boys, which are hard to stay estable in other stands.

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