Friday, November 11, 2011

New shelves, Few shelves...

Since my collection of miniatures is expanding at alarming rates, I realized I needed more space to display it, and so I had some shelves installed on the attic.

Unfortunattly, no more than 70% of what I currently own fit there. The rest remain kind of 'hidden' on my wardrobe.
Here are some pics of everything I displayed there:

Star Trek fleets

Black Templars army

 Assault terminators

Terminator Squad

Chaplain, Helbrecht and the Champion

BFG Chaos Fleet and planets

BFG Imperial Fleet

My Minbari fleet has arrived, and I'll start working on it as soon as possible, but currently work is keeping me away from town for most of the time, unfortunately.

*End of Transmission*

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  1. A wonderful collection - I'm sure you are very proud of them... I know I would be!